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My name is Doug Varrieur and I put together this web page to warn people about doing business with Jason Crago Willyn Enterprise LLC

Also Known As




Located at 209 Gibbs Rd Mooresville NC 28117 and who's phone number is 1-704-577-5405. NC Contractor License # 59679

This web page and all the information on this web page is based upon my own personal experience with Jason Crago Willyn Enterprise LLC


I hired Jason Crago Willyn Enterprise LLC and entered into a turnkey building contract in October 2010 to build a custom log cabin for me on my property located in Waynesville NC. The Home I hired Jason to build was an identical home to another one which I have on my property. The existing home to be used as a model home for the new home. The price of the home was set by Jason and we both agreed in our contract on the turnkey building price and the timeframe to completion. As the job progressed I found that Jason Crago's building style is to "chase the draw money"  What he does is start a portion of the job, half completes it, takes some draw money then moves onto another portion of the job which he half completes, takes draw money and moves on again. The end result are many areas of the home half finished which then need to be completed. The problem with this building style is the timing of other subcontractors who need to have areas of the job complete before they can complete their tasks. It was a constant battle with Jason to get uncompleted work completed and over a year after entering into a contract with Jason Crago we are still trying get the job complete.

Three quarters of the way through the job it became obvious that Jason Crago had spent all of his advance monies and draw monies that he had received and he was broke. The only way for the job to continue was for me to front him payroll money, supplier money and sub contractor money.

Before I cut him off from my checkbook he had exceeded his contract price by close to $30,000. I announced to Jason Crago that the money had come to an end, the checkbook was closed and he needed to get the home completed from his own checkbook. Three hours later he and 5 people had packed up 90% of his tools and abandoned the job even though he knew we had tenants arriving at the home within a week.  The new tenants had to change all their move plans at expense and inconvenience to them and as of the day I prepared this web page 23 days after I cut Jason out of my check book the job is still not complete and the tenants still have not moved in. Jason sent two men back onto the job and they have been chipping away as best they can, I've had to supply them with many of my own tools and it's a constant battle for these two men to get any money from Jason Crago for their labor.

$5,700.00 of Jason Crago's overdraw came from the repair of the driveway. I instructed Jason not to allow the 65,000 pound cement trucks onto the driveway and to uses a pump truck to pump the footer concrete up the hill. Jason ignored me and although he hired a pump truck to pump the footer concrete he had both the pump truck and 4 back to back cement trucks up the driveway at the job site....the result was a 380 foot paved driveway was broken up like a jigsaw puzzle and destroyed. Jason agreed in writing to repair or replace the driveway but as of this day has refused to pay me the $5,700.00 it cost to repave. I have added pictures for you to look at below.

$4,400 of Jason Crago's overdraw came from repairing his mistakes to stone work and concrete work. A professional mason had to be brought in for the repairs....DO NOT LET JASON do any stone work, from my experience he has no idea what he's doing.

Jason Crago will try to convince you that he can build your cabinets. Jason Crago did a terrible job on my cabinets and I had to personally repair his mistakes and finish building my own kitchen cabinets.

To build this particular home we used Eastern White Pine trees from my property. The trees were cut and milled here and a clause in our contract clearly requires Jason Crago to clean up the mess promptly. It has now been close to a year since the trees were cut and Jason Crago not only hasn't cleaned up the mess, he refuses to acknowledge responsibility for it maintaining a position that it's on me.....of course it's not as you'll see from this contract language;

5- Builder is additionally  responsible for the cutting of trees, milling of trees, delivery of trees to the kiln, and dry kiln the materials to a low moisture content to prevent from shrinkage. Any damage or mess which occurs from cutting, milling and transporting the trees is the responsibility of the contractor. This includes but is not limited to any damage or mess caused to public or private property resulting from the work and the falling of the trees. It is understood that trees will fall onto Hemphill Rd during the cutting. The builder will be responsible to make arrangements to control the traffic on Hemphill Rd and comply with all county requirements when the cutting process is commenced through completion. Builder will indemnify purchaser from any actions resulting from this work. Furthermore Builder will promptly make any repairs from damage caused and to clean up any mess and debris resulting from the cutting of trees. Builder has also notified the NC department of transportation and has verbal agreement of the process of cutting the trees and falling them into a state road.

Below I have posted pictures of the remaining mess left by Jason Crago and Willyn Enterprise. I have also received a bid from a reputable land clearing company in excess of $5,000.00 to clean up the mess. This $5,000.00 is over and above Jason Crago's $30,000 overdraw.

Halfway through the job we discovered Jason Crago's workers comp insurance was not in existence putting us at great risk

The shame of it all is Jason could be a good builder if he understood his limitations, found some good funding for his company, looked in the mirror and recognized his dishonesty in his business dealings, his lack of integrity and his refusal to take responsibility for his contractual obligations. BUT until that day comes beware for behind that smile you see on his face in the banner above I found Jason Crago to have a sinister side which has put me and my family in a terrible position.

Pictures of a destroyed 380 foot drive way. Click on picture to show full size

Pictures of Jason cutting the trees and the mess he's left for a year now which he refuses to clean up. Click on picture to show full size


My advice to you if you decide to do business with Jason Crago Willyn Enterprise LLC

#1- Make him prove he has an active workers comp insurance policy and you are named as co-insured.

#2- DO NOT give him a dime in advance money, make sure he has completed the entire task before releasing any draw money...just as a bank would do.

#3- Hold back 10-20% of every draw check to ensure you have a cushion to pay for the completion of your job if he walks off.

#4- DO NOT direct pay any of his subcontractors. It's his responsibility to pay his subs and if he doesn't pay them they will be forced to chase him for their money instead of you chasing Jason Crago for reimbursement.

#5- Have your lawyer review his contract and make whatever provision changes required to protect you.


As stated above, this web page is not and has not been designed to slander Jason Crago Willyn Enterprise in any way it is simply a recap of my negative experience with Jason Crago Willyn Enterprise.

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